Integrity Investigation

What’s the reputation in local business circles of that person you’re about to hire to broker a major supply contract with a state-owned company in Venezuela or Mexico? Is he the type who’ll offer a bribe to a top government official to ensure your deal goes through?

Are the rumours accurate that your long-time sales representative in Colombia or Peru is being investigated by an anti-corruption agency for making facilitation payments to fix public tenders in your company’s favour?

Is it true that your main competitor in Brazil or Ecuador is channelling cash and gifts to a judge to persuade him to rule against you in an ongoing litigation case, and paying off journalists to keep the story out of the media?

These sorts of pressing concerns come up time and again when businesses operate in Latin America.

But today, the risk that you could end up on the wrong side of anti-graft legislation, such as the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, is greater than ever before, with a criminal prosecution, a hefty settlement, and your corporate reputation in tatters the potential result.

It’s essential to know rather than to remain in the dark, and its best to know sooner rather than later, so you can take the corrective measures to prevent a risky situation from getting out of control. (Photo © Alamy)

Investigations with the utmost discretion

When it comes to the thorny questions over the probity of the individuals and the companies you relate with in Latin America, you’re not alone.

A wide array of businesses with interests in the region—including natural resources companies, manufacturers, banks and accountancy firms—come to us when they need to dig down deep for answers to matters relating to anti-corruption compliance and reputational risk.

We engineer our investigations with the utmost discretion and skill, selecting for enquiry only those sources best-placed to answer the crucial questions, and crafting the most subtle of approaches to avoid alerting interested parties.

On numerous occasions, we have unearthed intelligence that has startled our clients, or confirmed their suspicions.