About Latin iQ

Latin iQ is a dynamic provider of bespoke business intelligence and strategic insight. Because we’re anchored in Latin America, rather than in London, New York or Miami, we’re genuinely in touch with what’s happening on the ground.

We have an exclusive matrix of human sources across the region. Our assets are uniquely placed to unearth critical information and gather intelligence, and to unmask and evaluate the risks in locations where others are unwilling to enter.

Latin iQ is unlike other risk firms. As an agile and discreet organisation, we can mobilise our team flexibly to meet your specific requirements—and formulate our findings more swiftly than others. We’re unlike other risk firms who’ll absorb your time with conference calls and ultimately deliver you glossy packaging rather than pertinent content.

Whether you’re a private bank in Europe, an investment fund in the US, a natural resources company in Canada, or a technology firm in Asia, we provide what you need in Latin America. That’s top quality intelligence.

Who we are

Latin iQ, a company registered in Panama, was founded by the company’s CEO Andy Webb-Vidal in 2007 after he had spent several years as an external investigator and Latin America specialist for several global risk companies.

Formerly a professional journalist and correspondent with the Financial Times, Bloomberg and Jane’s intelligence and defence publications, Andy has specialised and operated in Latin America for 25 years.